Welcome to Annette’s Designs

I feel very lucky knowing that whatever the day brings, I can play with my creativity, design something new, fun and beautiful… I believe in living each day to it fullest, surrounding my self with things I love, tell my story and makes my living space comfortable and luxurious.

With a background in Art, a lifelong love for design and architecture motivated me to launch Annette’s Designs.com.   I want to share some of the lessons I’ve learnt while creating my own amazing spaces.

Having lived in Paris France, Poland, Florida and Chicago, I taken the edge off my design obsession with a international twist. I settled in West Chicago, occupying a light-filled high-rise condo that needed total remodeling.     I wanted a look that was airy, luxurious and warm. I appointed for a new open floor, gallery wall, custom fireplace, massive mirrors for extra dimension and always a killer crystal chandelier.

An old soul at heart, I am drawn to the classic Hollywood-glam and Art-deco aesthetic. I’m mildly obsessed with prints, textures, wallpaper & crow moldings that I’d admired in my childhood.

My weaknesses include metallic accents, art, bouquet of flowers, crystal chandeliers and black-and-white anything.

What I love most about design is its transformative properties: how a room can go from a blank canvas to something totally spectacular. As a longtime Art and Interior Design lover, I was quickly head over heels with the inspiring world of Luxury Living. Often I find myself most late nights and weekends scrolling endlessly through photos in search of new inspiration, design ideas and style…

I encourage everyone to cultivate home as their greatest luxury. Fill your life with love, style and design…