Welcome to Annette’s Designs

I feel very lucky knowing that whatever the day brings, I can play with my creativity, design something new, fun and beautiful… I believe in living each day to it fullest, surrounding my self with things I love, tell my story and makes my living space comfortable and luxurious without breaking the bank.

With a background in Art, a lifelong love for painting, design, and jewelry making motivated me to launch “Annette’s Designs”. I want to share some of the lessons I’ve learned while creating my own amazing spaces & jewelry pieces.

Having lived in Paris France, Poland, Florida and Chicago, I taken the edge off my design obsession with a international twist. I settled in Chicago, occupying a light-filled high-rise condo that needed total remodeling.

An old soul at heart, I am drawn to the classic Hollywood-glam and Art-deco aesthetic. I’m mildly obsessed with crystals, semiprecious stones, prints, textures, wallpaper and crown moldings that I’d admired in my childhood.

My weaknesses include art, jewelry, flowers, metallic accents, crystal chandeliers and black-and-white anything.

What I love most about design is its transformative properties: how a room can go from a blank canvas to something totally spectacular. As a longtime Art and Interior Design lover, I was quickly head over heels with the inspiring world of Luxury Living. Often I find myself most late nights scrolling endlessly through photos in search of new inspiration or design ideas…

I encourage everyone to surround yourself with things you love and to cultivate your home as your greatest luxury. Fill your life with love, style and design!