LED lighted flower arrangement

How to make your own Led Light flower arrangement


  We need :

– battery operated LED lights

– artificial silk flowers 

– transparent glass vase

– clear tape

– wire cutting pliers

– decorative moss or glass/plastic crystals



   I am using artificial white single flower stems of  “Amaryllis” and “Carnation” with a accent of green leaves. You can use any artificial plants of your choice for this DIY. Silk flowers can be expensive… If on a budget I would recommend buying already premade artificial flower arrangements that can be disassembled.


 We need a glass see-through vase, mine has open wholes, otherwise the led lights can be taped to the inside of the vase



I Placed and taped the LED lights battery box on the bottom of the vase, then I wrapped  the led lights around my vase. Make sure you have a easy access to the turn On-Off  button for easy access (if vase has no wholes place the box on the top), you can cover the LED box with glass crystals, river rocks or like on picture I’m using decorative moss.


  Arrange the flowers to your liking, add more decorative crystals or moss to feel in the vase  &  you just set the tone for a sexy mood  to your dinning room 🙂


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